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released January 1, 2019

engineered, produced, and mixed by Pariah
mastered by Jay Frigoletto at Mastersuite

Lenny Patterson- guitars, backing vocals
Bill Sawin- vocals
Nathan Plummer- bass
Kendall "Pariah" Divoll- drums, keys


all rights reserved



Necronomichrist Massachusetts

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Track Name: Of Mud and Maggots
This must be hell
For no god could allow such horror
The smell of death envelops me
Festering, contorted remnants of a human being
Shattered and scattered to the void
Without relent, into damnation I descend
The sacrifice of man begins

Distorted features describe moments of pure agony
But somewhere deep inside these hollow eyes I see relief
An escape from the suffering that carved their shallow graves
Yet to the mud and maggots their penance is repaid in vain

Deeper I fall, until all hope is lost
Lusting a crimson kiss that's quick and merciful
In the abyss, beneath the weight of total darkness
All faith decays among the waste
Bring an end to this excruciating existence
Some solace in the silence of oblivion

Take me away from this unending misery
And give my flesh to the maggots so that my mind may finally be set free

Underneath the blackened sky
I see the maggots come to life
Beneath the mud they feed upon
The charred remains and carrion

The bile burns as I expel
The final part of me that felt
And though my heart still beats in time
A part of me will die here beside you
Track Name: Wormwood
Born among worms
Restless, weary child
The road to hell is paved
With broken dreams and endless trials
A mind burdened by wisdom
Cursed with sight among the blind
As weathered lines form on your face
The weight of your burdens
Binds you to this fate
Desperately reaching
Too little, too late
An obedient slave to material wage
Your dignity withers with passing of age
Burn down this candle to nullify questions
Drift through the haze of betrayal and loss
An answer, elusive
Your destroyer
The conqueror worm will consume
Free your mind, and you will find
The purpose will be clear soon

These sounds release your rage
Blind to the truth
Just a slave to their wage
One's worth is not theirs to define
The fire inside us devours their lies
You are the divine, the ruler to be
Manifest your destiny
Conquer your mind
Seek and you'll find
You're the master of space and time

Kings will be beggars
Beggars become kings
Perception is ruled by your will
To yearn, or attain
Risk all, or none
The worms will claim you still
Arise, dissolute one
Your time has begun
Stand up, cast your eyes toward the sun
Through darkness your fire must shine
With wings torn from angels
You'll conquer the sky
Open your eyes
Track Name: Edge of Existence
From primordial slime we have climbed
Crawled to our knees and turned our eyes toward the sky
Desperately trying to find
What secrets burn behind the fire in our eyes
But a new spark ignites
It feasts on the weak ones consuming the light
Face-down with hands bound as evolution declines

Like a vine drawn toward the light
Their spines contort and realign
Empty eyes that echo with deceit
Dragged down but the pain is drowned in artificial feelings
While every vital sense is left to bleed
A parasite born by design that distorts the conscious mind
And our perception of reality
We must break free

For behold how it's grown
So much more than your wildest dreams
If only we had known that what we perceive is what would be
We could rise once again
Yet here we stand on the edge of existence, and welcome the end

We're fading into obscurity
The darkness cascades but I can see
That if we can find that fading light inside us all
And give every breath to nourish it we can evolve
Fall like fruit from withered limb
And let the seed within begin again

So will you climb blind through the void?
Or become a feast of rotten flesh for the fetid worms?
For all that was and all that has become
Fades into the darkness of oblivion
Will you find the strength to rise back to your feet?
Find the light within your heart, illuminate your escape
Track Name: The Wasteland
Is the spirit free to breathe?
Is it a slave to the Sodom beneath?
Burn it all
Let the ashes fly and the pieces fall

The roots of defeat shoot deep beneath the callused feet of man
Feeding on the seeds it spawns into a tree in the wasteland
From a broken limb the wilted leaves begin their last descent
Unto soil we return when worms reclaim the seed again

Mask the scars you hide beneath
Devoured by your apathy
For servitude you bleed
As fears consume your every need
Consume your every need

Through the shadows of our pain
Seldom do we see opportunity
So we climb these hollow trees
To see what remains out of reach
Soil erodes underneath the weight
And we fall back into the waste

Through the mud we crawl
The hand that wields has taken all
Vermin we have become
Damned, diseased, afraid, we run
A world of waste
We've made within our minds
Create your suffering
All we've been and will become
The land has turned to waste
What have we done?

Withered leaves and ashes blow
Across the broken land
Worms consume the rotted wood
And to the soil return again
Beyond the edge of space and time
Where flesh becomes synthetic mind
Of dust and man, all will return
All we have known lost to the sands of time
Track Name: Wield the God Hand
The game has changed, we must evolve the way we play
No longer will the young defend something they don't believe
The information age has shined light on the darkest parts of our ideology
But this time, we've fine-tuned the design
To influence the way mankind experiences life
Sever the ties that pull upon their bleeding hearts and distort their feeble minds

Change what they see
Transform reality
Eradicating empathy
To make them believe the enemy’s not a human being,
But a savage beast that feasts upon all that they wish to be

As the taste of disdain stains the tongues of man
Instill the will to kill in every citizen
Illuminate the fear that lives within us all
To be the force behind the spear, to wield the hand of god

Deep in my mind
Synthetic senses have disguised all human life
Behind a mask of fear and lies

Hate by design

These vermin I see, vile, damned, and diseased
Eating away at my sense of humanity
I tear through their flesh to see what secrets hide in their chest
Only to find they and I are no different

At night echoing inside of my dreams
I'm still haunted by the blood curdling screams
What have I done? What have I become?
The battle is over, the war's just begun

Hate by design
Wield the God hand

At night echoing inside of my dreams
I'm still haunted by the blood curdling screams
What have I done? What have I become?
The battle is over, the war's just begun

Hate by design
Wield the God hand

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