The Intimacy Of Armageddon

by Necronomichrist

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The Intimacy of Armageddon, Necronomichrist's second release, was written throughout 2008 as the band evolved into a new and more epic sound. Shifting away from their early grindcore roots into a more progressive structure and sound, the band underwent line up changes leading up to the recording of the EP, dramatically altering the overall vibe of the band and completing the line up that would eventually define Necronomichrist. This also marked a shift in lyrical content away from the gore based lyrics of the band's early days.

The first release from the band to feature guitarist Fat Lenny Patterson and keyboardist Matt O'Brien, it was also the first release to feature vocalist Bill Sawin, a long time friend of the band who learned the material and joined the band just days prior to the tracking of vocals, cementing his reputation as a serious force in the underground metal scene and altering the band's history forever. Recorded in July 2009 at Liberty and Union studio in Taunton, MA and produced by Rob Gil, this EP is a great insight into the evolving sound of Necronomichrist as they continue their epic journey.

A new full length release, "Apparitions of the Obscene", is underway and will be released in 2014 and will showcase the hard work and serious progression of Necronomichrist in the 5 years since The Intimacy of Armageddon.

Necronomichrist is:

Bill Sawin- Vocals
Fat Lenny Patterson- Guitars/Vocals
Nate Plummer- Bass
Pariah- Drums

Keys by Matt O'Brien
Engineered, Produced, and Mixed by Rob Gil at Liberty and Union Studio in Taunton, MA
Assistant engineering by Uncle Ray Mysterio
Cover art by Jesse Rix


released February 1, 2010

Produced By Necronomichrist and Rob Gil
Recorded at Liberty and Union Studios

Bill Sawin - Vocals
Fat Lenny Patterson - Guitar and Backing Vocals
Kendall Divoll - Drums
Nate Plummer - Bass
Matt O'Brien - Keyboard



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Necronomichrist Massachusetts

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Track Name: Reclamation
Years of Pandemic
As the undead consume
They've devoured our children
And the will to be
On the brink of extinction
In the final hour
Orders come from the Brass
It is time to attack

This is humanity's reclamation
From an enemy that feels no fear
In the face of dread affliction
We will stand our ground
This fight is on our terms
Though human nature breeds corruption
Human spirit breeds strength
Enduring the unendurable
From the ashes we rise

As the warriors form in the desert wind
We await the walking dead
Withering and immersed in total war
With the Maiden screaming beside us
The sun bears down upon our ranks
Automatons gather across the horizon
As fear is turned to waste

No life with in his eyes
No beating of his breast
His body home to worms and filth
The putrid stench of choking death
We can tear him limb from limb
Still he will crawl

The undead fortification grows
Walls build up to the sky
G's surrounding, endless fire
Zack's rotting fortress slowly climbs

Every passing second hundreds fall
As our shots meet their mark
Blackened blood flows like wine into the sand

The assault starts to subside
We must lobotomize the dead remaining
With discipline we conquer
This final act we must commit
Purification by fire

From the catacombs of Paris
To the battlefields of Hope
We have taken back the motherland
And defied our revelation
We remember years of panic
Years of pestilence and strife
In memory of those who fought
Just to end up eaten back to life
Track Name: Room V
I have watched you obey
You've given up the freedom to object
Fear got the best of you
Demanding your obedient consent
Soliciting submission
Black bags erase the ones who defy
The only verdict is vengeance
A vendetta

Viral atrocities by the zealots were unleashed
Tyrant sin has conquered with fear
Thus born the spiteful beast
From within the blood of the virtuous shall this monster come to be

When they've taken everything but our lives
Our integrity sells for nothing
Conceal me what I am
And be my aid for such disguise
As haply shall become the form of my intent

The multiplying villainies of nature do swarm upon him
Disdaining fortune with his brandished steel
Which smoked with bloody execution

By the power of truth I, while living. have conquered the universe

And thus I clothe my naked villainy with old odd ends
Stolen forth from holy writ
And seem a saint when most I play the devil

By the power of truth I, while living, have conquered the universe

We are oft to blame in this
'Tis too much proved
That with devotion's visage and pious action
We do sugar over the devil himself

Reprove the guilty
Retribution is my covenant
As our day of liberation approacheth
We stand in fearless dissent

Beneath this mask is more than a man
It is an idea

Ideas are bulletproof
Track Name: Wolf and the Winter Cold
For I have dispelled the seed of purity divine
For we shall purge this filth that drains us of our life
Born of battle and bloodshed we ride
Into the cold winter's night
The sparks of our clashed swords ignite
The fire of hell in my eyes
Its will leaves your soul mesmerized
As my sword extinguishes life
And all that is left is the sight
Of all that you love slowly dying
Put to death is the son of all man
And now you see who I am
I am the force behind the driving nails
That sees to it your god is impaled

Howling of the wolf strengthens our battle cry
Burning temples blacken the sky
The wolf's heart beats the blood of the night

Nihility, nothingness, our goal almost complete
A godless paradise where the weak cannot breathe
The howling of the wolf invoking supremacy
The hammer of dawn comes down
The vultures will soon feed

In my grasp your death will be evident
For the wolf has chosen to dissolve your shadow
Embrace the sweet taste of the end

My heart beats the blood of the wolven beast
My lungs breathe the air of winter's year
I am the space in which every creature dreams
I am what's in between

Their lies are a pain that will never end
With proud wolven blood, defend our homeland
Their lies are a pain that will never end
My conquering sword beheads all Christians
Their lies are a pain that will never end
My conquering sword is swung 'til your end

Born of battle and bloodshed we ride
Into the cold winter's night
The sparks of our clashed swords ignite war
Track Name: Rise Of The Geth (The Scourge Of Dark Space)
Track Name: Tree Of Doubt
Naileth down, these peasants of the poisoned land
Hangeth high the corpses of their women and children
Never rest until their bodies cover every inch
The tree of doubt- it bares the fruit of extinction
Death to those who disbelieve

Death to those who dare not bend their knee before
The mighty Xerxes
All are left to hang in suffering and shame
As fruit upon this sickening tree

No sleep for our king tonight
While we dream of flesh and blood
A village burns, a human sacrifice
For a man who fancies himself a god
They call them immortals
They are the hunters of men's souls
Known from the ancient times
Guards to the king, these persian ghosts

We stand under this tree of doubt
But we shall put their names to the test
So onward to those gates we march
Where Xerxes numbers count for nothing
For honor's sake, for duty's sake
For glory's sake, we march
These motherless dogs shall be embraced
By the loving arms of Greece herself

It does look like rain

Thus begins the fall of all kings
Dust in the palm of mighty lord Xerxes
The sky begs for forgiveness as the earth bleeds

Within our minds, the tree instills
The fear that Spartan glory slays
We'll stand our ground, our shields hold strong
No mercy for the Persian slaves
Before this day is over
Xerxes will fear the death we bring
Our forces won't be broken
They will be cut to pieces
Strength of the phalanx fueled by hate
A beast approaches, savoring the meal to come
For death we wait

Against our shields they smash
Wave after wave, butchering the pigs
The gods are pleased
More slaves than warriors, they fall
We carve through flesh and bone
Writhe in fear, pile up the dead!

We are the fist in the face of this false god
300 strong, defenders of mighty Greece
May their blood quench the thirst of the earth
As we march into the mouth of hell

The world will know that free men stood against a tyrant,
That few stood against many
Before this battle is over
They will know even a god-king can bleed

Our pass betrayed for flesh and gold
Persia surrounds us, taking aim
Their eyes meet once again
The Kings can see that Sparta's battle ends

But we will bow to no man

At Thermopylae we fought with grace and honor
Fearing nothing
Piled Persian dead give testament to
Sparta's strength and will
So let the spear fly
Make this god-king fucking bleed

We will bow to no man

For my queen
For my land
For my freedom
I embrace the end

Our hearts filled with hate
The arrows pierce our flesh
We will stand as one
Embracing glorious death